Talent Assessment

The objective of the “SAMIR Talent Assessment” is to identify the natural traits of the participants so that they can be exploited and further developed.

In aligning the right traits with the requirements of the job, not only training costs and turnover rates will be reduced, but people will excel in their jobs as they will be performing what they are naturally good at. This will eventually lead to creativity and enhancement of performance and productivity at the work place.

The assessment covers fifteen (15) different traits. It consists of five (5) main personality profiles and thirty six (36) blended profiles.The assessment consists of one hundred (100) questions. Each question has five multiple answers. The participant is to select only the one answer believed to represent his or her true feeling and perception. Participants are also reminded that there are no true and fault answers. The participants are given a period of half an hour to complete the entire assessment. The assessment is divided into five parts as follows:

1- Traits and Personality Profiles
2- Personal and Career Preferences
3- Business Intelligence
4- Emotional Stability
5- Participant’s Credibility

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